Destinations For 2016

Like all North Americans when I come to live in Europe it’s so that I can jet off around Europe on the regular (and on the cheap). Yes, like a first time traveler I too get excited when I see flights for 20 euros, when I look up flight times and in an hour or two I can be nearly anywhere in Europe. In Canada in two hours you can be….in a field. Last October we went to Banff for a weekend and it took us 6 hours to get there! 6 hours! And we lived in the same province. Look, any Europeans reading this can laugh at me and in turn I will nod sagely when you ask me if Toronto is near Vancouver or tell me that after 24 hours of driving you were still in the same country. Anyway.

So without further ado, here are our destinations for this year.

picture of Copenhagen in a blog post about travel destinations for 2016
We headed to Copenhagen in February and I want to say we were pleasantly surprised but we weren’t! We thought it would be amazing and it was. Also, really expensive. I’m a pretty bad traveler, in a way, because whenever I go somewhere I somehow end up missing the main attractions and just end up stuffing my face (sometimes with beer) and wandering around. So, what I’m saying is, that’s what we did in Copenhagen. We strolled the streets, ate a hot dog and open faced sandwiches (must eats in Copenhagen), sat in the pub and talked up a storm. We stayed in The Copenhagen Downtown Hostel which was really great however I learned an important lesson about myself, that is, I am to old for hostels. However, if you are still a spring chicken then I highly recommend this hostel.


BelfastBelfast smallWe were only in Belfast for one night but in this case were really surprised. I think we both had the idea that it was going to be a bit rough and tumble but it was lovely. We stayed in Queens Quarter which was a lovely area full of cute restaurants . After wandering the city on a very cold afternoon we headed out for cocktails in the hotel bar and then dinner.

When I say I lived in Spain people are like “oh so you’ve traveled all around Spain!” but that’s actually something I didn’t do. I’ve only been in Barcelona and Valencia (and a few cities along the way) so I’m so excited that our next destination is Madrid to visit friends. I can’t wait to explore the Spanish capital, hit up some art galleries and museums and have a few drinks.

Copenhagen 3

We’re planning to head to Dubrovnik at the end of May. I’ve mainly explored Western and Southern Europe (with a little foray into Romania) but I am so excited to see some of the Adriatic and be near the sea. I’m a Cancer and I simply love being around water. Boyfriend’s a Leo but ummm, he grew up around water? Anyway, we are both water lovers.

3 words, beach, beach and more beach. My old boss told me that you should take a vacation every three months and you know, I’ve really taken that to heart! But erm, Greece isn’t that cheap in the summer so if anyone knows some tips for getting a cheap deal or when we should go I am all ears.

Belfast 3.jpg



What are your destinations for this year?





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