A Weekend in Dublin

The weird thing about moving abroad is that you think you’re going to miss big things from home but it’s really the littlest things that vex and confuse you. While we were out in Dublin this weekend with friends a Spanish friend  expressed her extreme annoyance with having to wait for hot water in Ireland (it’s true, you have to ask yourself if the heat has been on to warm the water or turn on a little “immersion” heater, it’s quite the production). Other things that surprise me about life over here are the hot and cold water taps (how are you supposed to wash your hands?), how delicious the ready made meals are in the supermarket and British television, just to name a few.


Anyway, we were in Dublin this weekend and what a surprise for both of us. I lived there for a few months when I was 20 and loved it but walking around again I remembered how cool Temple Bar is, how fun it is going out there and, to be honest, how good the  shopping is. I haven’t done any clothes shopping since moving so I went a bit wild. I was a kid in the 90’s and remember making my first style choices back then so I am nostalgic for the 90’s revival looks. My boyfriend was also surprised by Dublin and enjoyed seeing the sights.We both felt like we were seeing it with new eyes. We also ate a delicious seafood platter at Klaw, it was tasty and the server was so nice. Probably the best thing about the weekend  was being able to catch up with each other and friends and getting a little bit day drunk.

dublin collage

Back at home now and trying to recover from the weekend by eating energy bites and doing Pilates (uggh).

Anyway in conclusion, Dublin is good, working out is bad!





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