Where’d You Go, Bernadette?

Good Morning and happy Friday! We’re off camping this weekend but I had to leave you with this review. I finished this book last week and couldn’t put it down so if  you’re looking for something to read this had my recommendation.

picture of "where'd you go Bernadette" in a review of the book

Bernadette is an architect who has an opinion on everything as her husband, a Microsoft employee, and daughter well know. She’s also agoraphobic and enemy of the other mothers from her daughters school. When Bee, her daughter, requests a trip to Antarctica things start to unravel for everyone, culminating in Bernadette going missing completely. However, almost nothing and no one is what they seem and author Maria Semple is a master of the slow reveal as with each page we gain a bit more information about the characters and the way their actions effect each other. Told through a series of emails, letters and Bee’s thoughts “Where’d You Go Bernadette?” is a comedy that has both laughable moments and dry introspection and I for one, didn’t want it to be over. The most charming aspect of this novel though is that Bernadette is treated as offbeat, sure, but ultimately a normal and contributing member of society. Even more so, all of the characters seem to be selfish and self-serving, wrapped up in their own worlds and the comedy comes when these worlds collide. Perhaps more importantly the novel doesn’t require Bernadette to change for there to be resolution-or for anyone else to for that matter.  

I’m currently reading Americanah and enjoying it immensely. Hopefully I can sneak in some reading time this weekend! What are you reading right now? Or what do you recommend?

Happy reading and happy weekend!





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