Tuesday Thoughts

So I grew up on a bee farm and am not, as such, scared of bees. Wasps and hornets are another story but another story yet are the hugggee bees here. They sound like a small car buzzing around your head. I went for a run yesterday and it sounded like a chainsaw was following me. The other problem is the lack of screens. I actually didn’t realise that there aren’t any screens here or rather I realised but in the way that you need someone else to say it. Anyway, that means when you’re sitting inside with all the windows open everything comes in, a great swarm of flies (also enormous), mutant bees, mosquitoes the size of the kitchen sink. The other day I was about to take a shower and saw this huge mosquito just chilling in there. I sprayed him with wasp killer but that little asshole flew around about 80 more times and then I gave up and killed him with some bath scrub. Anyway, what am I talking about?  This weekend we were up in the bf’s parents other house which is in a little town. It was a great day so we sat outside drinking beer. Seriously nothing better than beer on a patio.

walking carrigallen


In the morning this was our view:



What a lovely weekend it was. And next weekend I will be doing a detox (ie: drinking water not booze (maybe))

Tuesday thoughts: Tartist Lip Paints are the actual best black heart When you’re nearly 30 you cannot go out four days in a row and feel alive the next week black heartMy family has a group chat now and their messages always make me laughblack heart Only 4 weeks until our holiday black heart I need a flower crown black heartIf you stay somewhere (anywhere) for 3 months you will get used to it black heart I love online courses black heart Trying to be true to yourself is hard and sometimes lonely but it’s the only way

What’s on your mind today? xx




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