My Life Lately

Hi guys! I’ve been away for a while, I know. After we got back from Spain we were sooo busy. Apparently we have now reached the age where all of our friends are getting married and we have about a million weddings to attend. Nevermind trying to get all the paperwork done for our own. Well and not just that. These last few months have been stressful and kind of soul-crushing for everyone I think. I, like everyone, check my phone when I wake up and it seems like there’s always bad news. I’ve never been one to be afraid of travelling because I’ve always felt that life is dangerous everywhere (which it is of course) but lately it seems like the only safe place to be is at home in the country. I know this is isn’t true but I’m finding it increasingly hard to be positive or try to see the good in the situation and  I know I’m not alone in that.picture of blogger drinking coffee in Madrid city centre


I’ve been going around in circles, mentally, over these last 6 months or so. When the year started I wanted to believe in all the mantras I saw on pinterest and instagram. I wanted to think that if I just thought good thoughts and followed my passions everything would be fine and soon I would find myself in amazing career with a life of constant travel and perfect pictures of me eating icecream and stuff. Well. It’s pretty hard to keep those illusions up in the face of such worldwide catastrophes. It’s hard to reconcile “think positively and everything will be fine” with a massive refugee crisis, war and terrorism, and seemingly unending racism and sexism in the media. Aren’t all these affirmations just another form of victim blaming? If we follow the thought through  the answer has to be yes. If we aren’t “successful” because we haven’t worked hard enough or  put enough pictures on our vision boards than we have to conclude that everyone worldwide must be held to the same standard. And that means that global systems of poverty, war, inequality etc don’t exist and all  and disenfranchised and downtrodden people need only think themselves out of their problems. The truth is I think it’s a fine line we walk. Of course we can wake up and be grateful for the things we have and encourage ourselves to be better without being callous or stopping our work in making the world a better place.I just think we need to be careful with our thoughts.

Well in my hiatus I have been able to read A  LOT so expect a few reviews coming. I also watched Stranger Things (if you haven’t watched it drop everything and go watch it now!) made jam, got caught up on The Bachelorette and generally avoided all my problems.

Well everyone, Happy August! I hope you are taking care of yourselves and let’s hope the rest of this year gets better. black heart


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