End of Summer Sadness


picture of alicante, spain in a blog post about summer

I was going to make a post about all the things I had accomplished this summer, a listicle as it were. But a few things happened. A couple weeks ago I was in Oxford visiting a friend of mine and I was saying that I hope that when this year is over I can look back and say I learned something or everything wasn’t as bad as I thought. My friend, always very straightforward said “well at the very least a hard time in your life will be over”. Honestly, I think that her approach was much better than mine, sometimes hard times are just hard times and there’s nothing specific to be learned from them. We also talked about community. Our generation, perhaps more than any other, is isolated. We’re told to travel alone, work alone, live alone.We’re told that any bad circumstance can be overcome with positive thinking and that we alone are accountable for our situation–society has nothing to do with it. We are told to brand ourselves, as if we are a product not people. Even our friendships have been commodified. A walk in the park, or a day sat inside chatting is not as instagrammable as a music festival or a trip to an exclusive club. But it’s these “unimportant” moments that end up being the most significant. Some sad news when I arrived back home made me realise all over again that we need to make communities. People are the only thing that matter and life isn’t about ticking things off a to-do list.

So, the end of summer is here and even though that has me feeling melancholy, it also means fall is on it’s way. I can’t believe it’s fall already but I’m ready for the leaves to fall and fall fashion is the best fashion right?




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