September To-Do’s!

Take a deep breath. Here we are at the end of summer. It’s September and that means it’s time to come back to routine. It always feels nice after the lazy days of August to have a bit of structure. It also means time for cardigans and candles, mugs of spicy drinks,  back to school shopping (even if we aren’t in school) and the scent of cinnamon. To start off I’ve made my list of things to do this September, hopefully to keep me focused and inspired. flatlay in post about september/autumn


Participate In An Online Book Club
As I spoke about last time, I have been thinking about community a lot recently. I’ve been wanting to join a book club for ages and have been thinking about joining an online one. Even though I think there are things to criticise about the internet I also think it can be a tool for good most of the time. black heart

Make Fall Sangria
A lot of my to-do lists contain wine related items do they not? Hmmmm

Wear Burgundy Everything
I love burgundy. That’s all I can say about this. Oh and mustard. If you follow me on Pinterest you know about my obsession with mustard.

Try Black or Dark Red Lipstick
With a mismatched liner for that extra 90’s omph!

Continue Reducing Debt
Ugh…boring but necessary

Go On (Grown Up) Autumn/Gratitude Scavenger Hunt
This sounds naughty right? Just me? I don’t know. But it’s not. I like the idea behind this one or just heading out into nature with a list of things to take pictures of. I know already the bf will enjoy this. Maybe. black heart

Go back to school shopping 
Buying a few new pens and a notebook for recording your thoughts never hurt anyone.

Study A New Language
I’ve been using duolingo and doing a few French lessons and plan to continue doing them. Honestly I don’t know how much I’ve learned so far although I can now say “a yellow duck” for whatever that’s worth. Anyway. I like the platform and the cheering sound effects really do motivate me. You can set daily goals for yourself and the repetition means vocabulary really sticks.

Enter A Writing Contest
Time to get studious and put the pen to paper again.
flatlay in post about autumn

What’s on your list for September? For fall? I hope everyone has a happy September and a good rest of the year.



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