The Art of Doing Nothing

good for the soul

There’s nothing better than the guilty pleasure of making your coffee and crawling back into bed and spending the whole day reading, pinteresting  and watching crappy TV.  Taking time to do nothing is an art and it’s important for our mental health. This weekend  I made this healthy salad and took time to read and catch up on shows I’ve been meaning to watch.  BF and I are watching Zoo at the moment. You know what? I can’t wholeheartedly say this is a good show, the writing is too on the nose a lot of the time and the second season feels a bit like the writers weren’t sure  after season one if it was going to get picked up for another season so they had to invent extra plot lines on the go. I still like it though, it’s totally implausible and sometimes a bit of escapism is what you need.

I found A Woman in Berlin in my mother-in-law (to be)’s bookshelf and am enjoying it. Maybe “enjoy ” isn’t the right word for a book about World War II but it is indeed interesting.

photo of fall page in 52 lists project

Also time to turn a new leaf in my  52 Lists Project journal. I love this journal and I love making lists. It’s so beautiful and the lists are thought provoking and inspiring.

What do you do for a lazy day? What are your guilty pleasures? Or do you think that lazy days are a bad idea? Let me know!




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