A Night At The Ballet

This post is a little (a lot?) late but here we go!  For Halloween my sister and I went to see Dracula at the ballet.It’s been a couple of hundred years since Dracula was written and there’s something still alluring about it even though the story is clearly Bram Stoker having an absolute freak out about Easter European immigrants and the possibility that women enjoy sex. It would be nice to say that those are things of the past but recent events around the world prove that that is not the case. In any case, even if we look at Dracula with a critical eye the story is one that is overwrought and bombastic but has mystery, suspense and sex. Above all, it asks us to separate the different sides of our nature, a nature that is at once animalistic and spiritual. And what better time to see it brought to life at the ballet then at Halloween, at time when the spiritual and physical realms are closest together.

Plus, I finally got to wear this festive dress that I bought last winter.  I borrowed these shoes and loved them so much I honestly think they are going to be my something borrowed for my wedding (if we can ever get our paperwork in, it’s been a nightmare it seems like things are finally under way). black heart

black heartp.s. that red boa was for my Halloween costume the next day. black heart



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