10 Things I Always Pack

Are you going somewhere warm this winter? I’m not, sadly. I’ve never been much of a snow bird, although we all know I enjoy the sun. Anyway, when I travel I generally pack everything I own. I love my clothes and that’s no joke. I also have my “look”. However I know that it is generally not looked upon favorably to bring everything you own so these are my ten picks for that effortless style that always seems to be evading me.

picture of travel items in a post about travel

1.) Maxi skirt
I love my maxi skirt because with sneaky leggings underneath it’s quite warm but without it’s cool enough even for hot Spain. With a floaty top and accessories I’ve worn it on nights out and with a simple top and sunglasses it’s good for sightseeing. Basically I’d wear it anywhere.

2.) Black flats
I love high heels. I have a lot and they cost more than I reasonably should have spent on them given how much I wear them. However in most European cities heels for a night out area no-no. European fashion generally means trying to look like you don’t really care and are too busy living your life to care about fashion. Of course you do care

3.) Extra moisturizer
Someone once said to me that it doesn’t matter if you spend five minutes on a plane or seven hours you feel like you need a shower afterwards. Truer words were never spoken. Likewise if you have dry skin (even if you don’t, to be honest) the recycled air and the general stress of travelling means dehydrated skin. I load up my bag with moisturizers and soothing lip cremes.

4.) A big scarf
An unexpected cold night? Want to look  chic and French? Need an extra blanket? Something to sit on at the beach?  A scarf is so versatile, you can wear it on the plane so it doesn’t take up any room and it is good for any country.

5.)Small candle
A small candle can make any hostel, hotel room or new apartment feel like home. Enough said.

6.)Simple dress
Like the scarf a simple dress is a multitasking wonder. Over a bikini for the beach.  Add accessories and it’s good for that bar crawl or night out. Add gladiator sandals or flats and it’s good for a city day. If you go out for a “coffee” and end up in  a nightclub at 5am the next morning (a thing that has certainly never happened to me) you will still look chic.

7.)Perfume samples
I love perfume samples and always try to get them from anywhere, the department store, Sephora, you name it. I like variety (in perfumes, that is) so I can bring a lot of scents  with me and they can go in the carry on.

8.)Basic black t-shirt
I guess versatility is the name of the game here. I like a black shirt because it can, like basically everything else I’ve listed, can go anywhere. Maybe not the beach but certainly anywhere elsed.

9.)A book
You never know when the day will come when it’s too cold to leave your hostel/hotel or you want some much needed down time. And when you’re done you can find a bar or hostel that has a book swap and discover something new to read. Definitely don’t bring more than one though because your suitcase will be heavy enough with all your outfits. Unless you have mastered this capsule wardrobe business in which case pack all the books you want.

10.)Something floaty
My look is a bit boho but I really recommend a floaty cardigan or long vest. You can wear them with almost anything and they can spruce up a plain outfit. Also good for when you want to pretend you are a wealthy recluse/1920’s former starlet/Game of Thrones character.


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